Federal Premium VITAL-SHOK .243 Win 100Grain


Specifications for Federal Premium VITAL-SHOK .243 Winchester 100 grain Nosler Partition Centerfire Rifle Ammunition:
Caliber: .243 Winchester
Number of Rounds: 500
Bullet Type: Nosler Partition (NP)
Bullet Weight: 100 grain
Muzzle Velocity: 2850 ft/s
Package Type: Box
Primer Location: Centerfire
Features of Federal Premium Vital-Shok .243 Winchester 100gr. Nosler Partition Rifle Ammo – 500 Rounds
World-renowned bullet features a partitioned lead core
Front half mushrooms, producing rapid expansion and energy release
Back half remains intact, ensuring deep penetration through weight retention
Perfect for all big game at close to mid-ranges

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